*August 23rd Update* 2016-17 Transfer Waitlist Timeline (PDF)
If you would like your student to attend another school in the district besides the one they are assigned by geographical boundary (find your school), you must fill out a transfer request.

Transfer Process Quick Facts: 

  • See the timeline for a description of the whole application process.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to complete a new transfer request each year if their child is attending a school outside their home attendance area school/district.
  • In order to ensure ample space for students residing in each school’s service area, the district will establish selective transfer limits or restrictions for some schools. 
  • New students will not be registered at the requested school until the transfer process is completed and the parent and school have received notification of an approved transfer request. Students within the district must be registered at their home attendance area school before requesting a transfer.
  • Transfer applications are available at any school in the district or at the administrative center (305 College Street NE).  
Please contact Katrina Serrano at 360-412-4414 or Email if you would like a transfer application emailed to you.
Last Modified on August 24, 2016