Secondary Grading Practices Improvement

  • In response to an October 2021 NTPS School Board determination and based on the Grading Practices Task Force recommendations, we are improving our grading practices for all middle and high schools.  

    We are rolling this initiative out in phases beginning in fall 2023, with full implementation expected in the 2024-25 school year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the secondary grading practice initiative include?

  • Why are we making this update?

  • Why shift to a 4-point grading scale?

  • Does the 4-point grading scale make it harder for students to earn an A?

  • Does this mean NTPS middle and high school students no longer get letter grades?

  • Does the 4-point grading scale mean it will be harder for students to get into college?

  • Does the 4-point grading scale mean a student can pass a class without doing work?

  • How is NTPS supporting educators in adopting the improved grading practices?

  • Does this align with our district Strategic Plan?


    • Fall 2018

      Secondary grading and reporting practices identified as district improvement initiative

    • September 2018

      25-person 6–12th Grading and Reporting Task Force convened

    • Fall 2019

      Task Force recommended four grading principles

    • Oct 2021

      School Board Community Conversation
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      Read the Determination >>

    • Winter 2021-Spring 2022

      Task Force reconvened to complete work based on Board Determination

    • August 2022

      School Board approves secondary grading practices recommendation

    • Fall 2022

      Teacher & Leadership Planning and Presentation sessions

    • Winter & Spring 2023

      Professional development to learn and prepare

    • 2023-24 School Year

      Implementation of improved secondary grading practices

Task Force Goals & Principles

  • Grading Practices Task Force

  • Principle #1: Grades communicate student success

  • Principle #2: Multiple opportunities to demonstrate knowledge

  • Principle #3: Give ample time to practice & learn

  • Principle #4: Regular communication about progress

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