Conference Scheduling Instructions

    • Log into Family Access (If you need help, contact your student's school office).
    • If you have multiple students, at the top, select your student (if using the mobile app, student selection is a drop-down at the top).
      Select your student name from the top menu
    • Select the tile for Parent Teacher Conferences (Note: the tile name may vary, but it will have a green stripe on top)
      Parent Teacher Conference tile
    • Select the teacher that you would like to meet with.
      Select a teacher
    • Select an open time slot from the available list.
      Select a time slot
    • Repeat the teacher and time slot selection as needed to meet with multiple teachers (elementary students may only have one teacher option).
    • Verify your scheduled appointment(s) and select Done Scheduling or Print Schedule.
      My Conference Schedule view
    • A window will appear indicating your conferences have been scheduled.
    • Repeat steps to schedule conferences for any additional students.

    Need to edit your conference time?

    • Open the Parent Teacher Conferences tile again and look under My Conference Schedule.
    • Click the red trash can icon next to the appointment time you would like to delete.
      Trash can icon to delete a conference time slot
    • Select a new time slot from the available list.
    • Verify your new appointment time and select Done Scheduling or Print Schedule.

How to Schedule Conferences in Skyward Family Access