River Ridge Campus Modernization

  • Modernization efforts on the River Ridge campus began in July 2022. At the end of this five-year project, we will enjoy a beautiful facility that meets the needs of our students and community now and into the future. We will have upgraded athletics facilities, classroom spaces, and a more cohesive and connected campus.

    A major project such as this will come with disruption, just as construction at Timberline and North Thurston high schools did. The goals of the RRHS staff and the construction team are to:

    1. Minimize disruption to the learning environment throughout this project.
    2. Ensure student and staff safety.
    3. Keep staff and families informed as work progresses.
    4. Ensure athletic teams and other activities have adequate alternative spaces

    Thank you for your partnership as we navigate this major project. Together we are building our future!

Latest News

Project Timeline

  • Phase 1 (Summer 2022-Fall 2023)

  • Phase 2 (Fall 2023-Fall 2025)

  • Phase 3 (Fall 2025-Summer 2027)

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