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Rider Expectations

Getting to school safely and on time requires a safe, responsible, and respectful school bus environment. Students are expected to do their part to make this happen!


  • Use SMART tags every day
  • Listen to the driver
  • Stay seated and face forward
  • Keep hands and feet to onesself
  • Report unsafe behavior to the driver


  • Use kind language and actions
  • Follow directions
  • Move directly to seat
  • Keep hands and feet from touching others
  • Classroom behavior on the bus


  • Bring SMART tag daily
  • Keep the bus clean
  • Use an inside voice
  • Keep food and drinks in backpack
  • Stay seated until bus stops at assigned bus stop


It is important for families & students to memorize:

  • Bus route number
  • Bus stop location
  • Regular pickup and dropoff times

Students facing housing instability

The district provides transportation for students facing housing instability (including those temporarily staying with friends or family members). See more info on NTPS McKinney-Vento Act assistance.

District Policies, Procedures, and Washington State Administrative Code