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Transportation Department

Committed to providing safe and efficient student transportation in a caring and positive environment.

Please remember, it is important for both you and your student to memorize:

  • Your bus route number,
  • Your bus stop location, and
  • Your regular pickup and drop-off times.

Don't forget to tell this info to the person you have designated to meet your child.

REMINDER! Students who have not utilized transportation for 20 days total will be marked inactive in the SMART tag system. If this occurs, please contact us to reactivate your students.

Register to Ride the Bus

Bus Rider Registration

We require all riders to register. After registration, your student's route information will be posted to SMART tag account and may begin riding the bus.

NTPS uses SMART tag

Parent Portal

The parent portal will be available until the end of the July 2024. Afterwards parent access will happen in the SMART tag app.

Download the App

NTPS Transportation uses the SMART tag system, where students use an ID card to scan off and on the bus. Activate your SMART tag guardian account to receive notifications about a late bus, loading, and unloading, and more! Questions? See the Smart Tag page for a FAQ