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Secondary Grading Practices

The Four Grading Principles

In response to an October 2021 NTPS School Board determination and based on the Grading Practices Task Force recommendations, we are improving our grading practices for all middle and high schools with the initial phase in fall 2023 working towards full implementation expected in the 2024-25 school year. 

NTPS Secondary Grading Scale

Student has met the learning target AND more (this more is situation-specific, but examples and guidance are clearly given by the teacher).
3 Proficient Student has met the learning target.

​Student is close to meeting the learning target. Can do so with support.

​Student has not yet met the learning target, but shows some understanding related to the learning target.

No Evidence
Student has not provided evidence of progress toward meeting the learning target. Reasons could include: missing work, absence, refusal to engage, or just way off on the attempt.

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