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Dual Credit

Formerly called Tech Prep, students completing approved technical classes while in high school can earn both high school and college credit simultaneously. In order to receive college credit, students must meet specific criteria for each course. A 3.0 grade (B) or better each semester in the class is required. Once a class is completed successfully, instructors will assist students in registering for credit through the SERS Registration System. Students will receive a college transcript from the community college during the summer.

How it Works

NOTE: You must register for credits in the school year when you take the high school course.

  1. Enroll for an approved CTE course.
  2. Earn a B or better and demonstrate any required skills.
  3. Register for credit online at (your counselor or teacher can help)
  4. Once you have completed all components, your instructor will notify the college to transcript your credit.
  5. Submit your official college transcript to the post secondary school you will attend upon graduation from high school, but be sure to follow transcript request procedures from the college where you earned dual credit. 

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