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Fee Schedule

Groups using the facilities will be charged for the services of district personnel required for supervision and/or custodial services. These charges will be based on the current rates paid by the district. Rates are reviewed on an annual basis, or as directed by the district.

The fee schedule lists different fees based on the types of users of our facilities. See where your organization or group falls in the definitions below to determine the rental rate for the facility you are looking to use.

Category A: District-sponsored educational activities limited to student & school-related functions

User groups within this category would not be charged a building use fee.  Examples include school district-sponsored co-curriculum activities, school educational activities, PTA meetings, booster club meetings, PACE parents, other district parent groups, district staff training, public elections, and Community Enrichment Program activities.

Category B: School groups for the purpose of fundraising

This Category and fee are used for school groups using the facility for fundraising purposes. Examples include ASB, PTA, and booster club fundraising.

Category C: Non-profit organizations

Organizations in this category will be charged a use fee consistent with schedule C. Donations, fees, or admission charges may be collected only to cover the cost of using the facilities and any additional expenses of the event. Examples include the YMCA, youth sports leagues, youth activity groups, community clubs, service clubs, Washington State School Directors Association, State Board of Education, and church groups. Groups may be asked to provide proof of non-profit status.

Building administrators may waive fees for meetings of non-profit organizations that have a majority of participants residing in the North Thurston School District or who are educational associations when their meetings will not result in any cost to the district for cleaning, staff time, or other overhead. Examples include homeowners’ associations, youth activity groups, the Washington State School of Directors Association, and the State Board of Education. Fees may also be waived for youth sports who need a meeting space for organizational purposes.

Category D: Revenue-producing non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations using school facilities to generate revenue beyond the user rental fees and event expenses will be charged a use fee consistent with schedule D. Organizations may be asked to provide proof of non-profit status.

Category E - Commercial ventures & other groups (not non-profit)

Groups that do not have a non-profit status will be charged a use fee consistent with Schedule E. All commercial ventures are included in this category.

Fee Schedules