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Equity - Removing barriers to student success

We want every student to learn, grow, and graduate into rewarding careers and fulfilling lives. 

Ensuring every student has the resources and support needed to succeed is our equity work. Our district staff remove barriers to success by providing supports and resources. We also work to foster a culture of inclusion and belonging, creating safe and respectful environments where every student can thrive. 

Detrimental barriers and biases do not go unchecked. We are proactive in rooting out discrimination based on race and ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, ability, language, or culture. Such discrimination has no place in our schools.    

A commitment to student success is a commitment to equity. Our district’s equity efforts are far-reaching – across all schools, grade levels, departments, and programs! 

We recognize that:

  • Learning is best supported in school climates based on respect, responsibility, and repair of harm.  
  • Students need multiple opportunities to demonstrate learning. 
  • Strengthening early literacy skills gives students an essential foundation for academic success. 
  • Clear communication, responsible decision-making, practical problem-solving, and relationship-building can directly impact academic achievement.     
  • Consistent classroom evaluation practices and reliable family communications about student performance improve student outcomes.

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