Extra support to help NTPS Students Power Up!

  • NTPS Power-Up!North Thurston has received federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funding to support the increased learning needs of students resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Using a portion of these funds, NTPS has designed our POWER-UP! program to provide school-based supplemental learning opportunities before, during, and after-school. These federal dollars will be available to us for 3 years to help our students POWER-UP! 

    Each school has been analyzing the academic and social-emotional needs of their students to design programs to meet those needs and will continue to design opportunities for their students. There are currently more than 1100 students and 75 staff involved in POWER-UP! programs in ELA, math, science, and SEL district-wide. Thank you to everyone who is working hard to help our students succeed!


Examples from around the District

  • Elementary Primary (grades K-2)

  • Elementary Intermediate (grades 3-5)

  • Middle & High Schools (grades 6-12)