School History

  • Nisqually Middle School opened its doors in the fall of 1967. At that time we were called Nisqually Junior High and the students who attended our school were in 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grade. We were the second junior high school built in the North Thurston Public School District. Our total school enrollment for that year was approximately 250 students with 38 staff members.

    In 1970 Nisqually Junior High School became Nisqually Middle School, when the 9th grade students were moved to a brand new Timberline High School. Nisqually Middle School still served 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. The 1977-78 school year was the last year that Nisqually was home to a 6th grade class. In the fall of 1978 Nisqually became a two grade middle school with only 7th and 8th grade students.

    In 1983 Nisqually underwent a major remodel and redesign to become more like the school building that you know today.

    In June 2008 Nisqually underwent another remodel and modernization. The focus of this project was to prepare our school for the growing population of our surrounding community. An outdoor covered play area and basketball court was added, so that our students can enjoy some exercise no matter what weather may be. Along with the covered play area a freestanding 8 classroom building was added and, new computers for both of our student labs and library. The front entrance design was reworked and a covered area with benches was added. We are very proud our updated school and all the work that was done to make it beautiful.
    In 2024, our logo was updated to more accurately portray our totem. NTPS Construction and Design will update the field to turf and add lighting for better community access.

The Nisqually Totem Pole Project

  • When Nisqually opened in 1967, we had a blue totem pole in the rear courtyard. In 1983 when the remodel and redesign took place that courtyard was built over and turned into a little place that we now call the small gym. No one is sure what happened to that little blue totem pole but I'm guessing it's the reason our sports teams have so much fun. Our little blue totem pole is still sending out its good vibes to all our students and staff members.
    In 2003 our faculty and students decided that it was time for the Totems to once again have an honest to goodness totem pole to represent the culture of our school. With that began a 7-year labor of love, which in turn, became our 100% hand carved totem pole appropriately named “Children Playing Among Teachers”. At the top is an eagle, which represents strength, followed by a whale for family, with a nurturing image of a bear at the bottom. The Children's faces on the pole represent the school and community.
    Our 15-foot totem pole began as a 186-year-old cedar log that was donated by Manke Lumber of Shelton. Through countless hours of planning, carving and, painting it was transformed into the symbol of pride that it is today.