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    Band Parent Association
    Board Meeting Minutes

    October 7th, 2019

    The Band Parent Association website is www.ntband.org 
    Susan Willis – President
    Kim Swanson – Vice President Danielle Escene – Treasurer
    Rachel Wiebe – Secretary
    Darren Johnson – Band Director
    Melissa Hagerman–Feed the Band Coordinator
    Emma Leszczak – Student Representative
    Jodi Grubb
    Nathan Hagerman
    Erin Leszczak
    John Martin – Pit Crew Coordinator Erin Mann
    David Wilson – Guard Director Beth Vandehey

    Susan called the meeting to order at 6:34 p.m.

    September Meeting Minutes Review
    Three items require clarification/correction:
    1. The change in show schedule for Sherwood was due to software changes by the Northwest Association for Performing Arts (NWAPA) not Sherwood High School.
    2. Since some BPA members have the same first name, the minutes may be confusing if the last name or last initial are not included in the minutes. Last names or initials will be added to the September minutes and used going forward.
    3. The word “years” had apostrophes misplaced (years’ instead of year’s) in two instances.
    Motion to approve the September minutes with corrections noted above. Seconded. Minutes Approved with corrections.

    Treasurer’s Report
    Danielle Escene presented the Banking Summary and Treasurer’s Report. Highlights of the Banking Summary included income from Band Camp and Feed the Band as well as rebate income from Benefit Mobile and Fred Meyer. Expenses noted included drum heads and marching show props. Notables from the Treasurer’s Report included that all Band Camp coaching fees are now paid.
    Motion to approve. Seconded. Approved.

    Additional discussion:
    Benefit Mobile - Danielle asked if others were having difficulties with Benefit Mobile. Mr. Johnson stated he had problems at Safeway since Safeway requires you to purchase a gift card in advance, print it and present the printout for payment instead of scanning the gift card directly from the smart phone like other retailers do.
    Danielle asked if others had experienced problems with a limit on Benefit Mobile purchases. Melissa Hagerman reported she has exceeded the ~$500 limit in a 24-hour period previously. After researching online at the Benefit Mobile website and speaking to customer service her limit was increased. The recommended strategy if you anticipate large purchases is to contact Benefit Mobile customer service in advance to request a limit increase.

    Banking Fees - Danielle explained when she took over as Treasurer from the prior officer she was instructed to leave $600 in checking, keep the remainder in savings and transfer additional money to checking when needed. The previous bank did not charge fees if checking was accidentally overdrawn, rather funds would transfer from the associated savings account at no cost. Mr. Johnson noted the original purpose of this arrangement was to keep more money in an interest-bearing account and limit exposure to a lost debit card.
    With the recent account move to Timberland Bank, fees are now charged to move funds from savings should checking be overdrawn. Danielle suggested that more than $600 be kept in checking to reduce exposure to fees. The interest income is only a couple of dollars a month and any fees charged would exceed the interest earnings. The group consensus was that keeping more money in checking makes good sense.

    Band Update
    Kamiak Marching Show - Mr. Johnson reported 15 parents were involved at some point during the day for the Kamiak show. Comments from the judges were posted to Canvas today and those comments are requested to be kept in-house. The truck rental went well, although it is not clear whose credit card was charged. It appears to be John Martin’s credit card that was charged by U-Haul.
    Payments/Expenses - All students have paid meal plan fees with the exception of one. In the next couple of days drum mallets will need to be ordered.
    Wreath Sale – Deliveries will occur from 11/19-12/12/19. Supply costs for wreaths have increased so the sales price will increase from $25 to $30 this year. There will be limited shipping boxes this year.
    Insurance -November is the renewal month for bonding and liability insurance. As soon as the insurance is renewed documentation will be sent to the district for the mattress sale.
    Budget - This year District funding for band was cut in half. In a usual year about $3000 comes from the District as part of the ~$40,000 total budget. This year the District provided only $1500 and those funds are already exhausted. Mr. Johnson has met with the NTHS Principal to explain the band program and its history. The Principal is willing to take this issue up with the District and see if some of the funding can be restored.
    At this time 90% of the band instrument inventory is at zero value.
    There is no money saved for new marching uniforms and they are 19 years old. The typical uniform life expectancy is 15 years.

    Guard Update
    David Wilson presented a proposed 2020 Guard Operating Budget including season dues/fees for both the Northwest Pageantry Association (NWPA) and Winter Guard International (WGI). NWPA fees were reduced this year due to a snow cancellation last year. In terms of income there has typically been some profit (~$200) from ticket sales and sponsors when hosting events.
    Our Winter Guard is a hybrid since most programs come from a single school. We now have 3 high schools and 4 middle schools participating, which requires a combined school color guard application. Registration has already been submitted for WGI Regionals; if the application is approved we’ll go. If not, there are no associated charges or fees.
    Erin Mann asked if there was a possibility for Aspire to rent NTHS props for their show after Winter Guard ends. Aspire would need to paint the props green. Follow up discussion pending.
    David noted the Guard was stunned with the award on October 5th at the Kamiak show given the number of new and inexperienced members. It was a great outcome.

    Student Update
    Emma Leszczak reported the students had a great time at the Kamiak show noting NTHS was proud to take 4 of 5 awards and 1st place overall. Winning gave everyone a big boost of confidence. Students liked the food provided at the event. Officers are now planning the Halloween Party and setting up a rotation for the student representative at BPA meetings. Danielle Escene asked Emma if she thought NTHS would remain competitive given the win and will the group keep improving? Emma stated that, yes, we must continue improving to remain competitive, especially given that Ferndale was not pleased to lose to NTHS at Kamiak and they will be at Tumwater this Saturday.

    Senior Sash Night
    Erin Mann has 30 sashes cut and plans to begin painting this week. She could use help burning the ends and applying Velcro. Melissa Hagerman noted last year the Velcro was applied at the time they placed them on the Seniors and that worked well. We will ask Seniors to arrive at 6:15pm before the final home game. Melissa H., Jodi G., Erin M. and Rachel W. will assist with placing sashes. Last year cookies were served to the band after half-time. Danielle E., Melissa H., Rachel W. and Jodi G. will bring cookies.

    Mattress Fundraiser
    Mr. Johnson reported we are approved to use NTHS space on March 28, 2020. In terms of other progress he received some promotional materials that had to be returned for editing. Mr. Johnson asked when the “Save the Date” promotional e-mail message should be sent. The group suggested it be sent monthly from now until March. Mr. Johnson will share the draft e-mail message to those in attendance at this meeting for review/input (Rachel W. will provide list of e-mail addresses to Mr. Johnson.) Once the message is finalized and distributed, Susan Willis will post it to the Band App and Kim Swanson will post it to the BPA Facebook page. The Facebook page is listed as “North Thurston Band Parent Association.”

    Bus/Transportation Overtime Bill
    Mr. Johnson has not yet received a bill for the Kamiak trip, but it should be a bit lower than estimated since the buses returned about 45 minutes early. The ASB has agreed to coverage any overage from the original budgeted costs. The NTHS Principal has followed up with District Transportation because we cannot plan and budget in advance and then have the story change 2-3 days before an event due to overtime charges.

    Meeting adjourned at 7:41 p.m.
Last Modified on December 2, 2019