Linn Murguia

  •  Linn Murguia

    Room: 225

    Subject/Grade Level: Reading and Writing (9-12)


    Phone Number: 360.412.4860

    Google Voice Number 971-238-4627 (Text message Available)

    I believe that every human soul is teaching something to someone nearly every minute here in mortality. - M. Russell Ballard

Professional Biography

  • I have been teaching at Timberline High School for over 15 years. I graduated with my Bachelors of Education from Saint Martin’s College in 2004.  I am an English and Reading endorsed teacher (K-12).  I completed my Masters of Teaching at the University of Washington, Tacoma in 2009 and earned my National Board Certification in 2015.

    I teach Reading and Writing Intervention classes.  I am also a teacher manager in charge of Individualized Education Plans for a specific group of students.

    Someone once asked me why I became a teacher. I had some really great answers, but none were better than one I thought up myself-It is a joy to walk down that hallway and know that I could assign a 5 page paper whenever I want... Ok so that is not the real reason... I wanted to feel like I was helping our community continue to produce thoughtful, intelligent and considerate citizens. I see a light in all my students and would like to help it burn brighter. My job is to believe in you even when you can't. Trust in yourself, trust in your abilities and you can move mountains-even if they are in your own backyard.

    An Open Letter to My Students,

    I do what I do because I believe education is the door that makes all things possible.

    One word I promise to try daily to make you feel is accepted for who you are because you are a treasure.

    The things I will hold myself and you accountable to in this class are…respect and the belief that I will challenge your perception of the world around you.


    Mrs. Murguia



  • Per. 1-Testing
    Per. 2-S English 10 (Block Hour 1)
    Per. 3-S English 10 (Block Hour 2)
    Per. 4-S English 11
    Per. 5-S English 9 (Writing Hour)
    Per. 6-Prep

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