Frequently Asked Questions for Paraeducators

  • Questions about being a paraeduactor at NTPS?  If you don't find the answers below, contact us at or call (360) 412-4991!
    1. What do I need to submit to Human Resources for proof of college credits or degrees?
      • You will need to submit unofficial transcripts for all colleges/universities attended to show an AA degree or higher.

    2. What do I need to submit to Human Resources for proof of ETS test completion?
      • Human Resources must physically see an unaltered official score report for auditing purposes. Human Resources will make copies of the results. The copies will be maintained in your application file and the originals will be returned to you.

    3. Where can I take the ETS test?  How soon will I find out the results of my test?
      • ESD113 (Educational Service District 113) proctors testing monthly/bi-monthly locally in Tumwater. Visit their website for for information. You should anticipate the testing process will take a total of 3 hours. There will be about 30 minutes for check-in and instructions and 2.5 hours for the test.Upon exiting the test a printed unofficial copy will be provided for you to take home. Official copies will be mailed to your home within two to three weeks.

    4. What happens if I am unsuccessful at my first ETS test attempt?
      • A 30-day waiting period is required to repeat the test.  You may review study guides and access the ETS website for helpful test information.  You will be required to pay the fee to test again.

    5. What is the cost for applicants to take the test?
Last Modified on April 18, 2019