Interested in becoming a substitute?

  • We are pleased that you have chosen to share your time, experience and talents as a substitute employee in our school district!

    Each year approximately 1,600 classified and certified substitutes assist us in serving more than 14,500 students in 22 schools. This work is crucial in helping each and every child in our district attain the academic and life skills necessary to succeed in a diverse world.

    Whether you are a regular substitute or come in only occasionally, we in North Thurston consider each employee an essential part of our collaborative learning environment.

Getting Started

  • In order to substitute in any position here at NTPS, we need you to fill out an online application for any open positions. See currently openings  This will involve creating an account and entering your information.  If you need help, please call Substitute Services at (360) 412-4490.  We’re happy to meet with you and assist you in the application process. 

    Once you’ve applied, please download and complete the ABC's of Substituting Paperwork. Once you have completed the ABC's, please contact Missy Thorkildsen to make an appointment to review your paperwork and application. 

    Thank you for your interest in substituting at North Thurston Public Schools!

Job Descriptions and Rates of Pay

  • Certificated Teacher:
    Maintain orderly classroom/learning environment and deliver instruction based upon the best available research and practices in teaching and learning.  Must be able to follow existing teacher's lesson plans.
    Full Day:  $145.00/day (over 3.75 hours)
    Half Day:  $80.00/day (3.75 hours or less)
    Long Term- Full Day: $205.00/day
    Long Term- Half Day: $105.00/day
    Cook Helper: $14.62/hour
    Perform routine work in preparing, setting up, serving, and clean-up activities for lunch program.
    Custodian: $17.03/hour
    Responsible for the care, cleanliness and custody of the facilities and equipment.  The position requires that the custodian keep the facilities in a condition that safeguards the health and safety of the students and other personnel, maintain the mechanical system and external conditions necessary for effective learning.
    Interpreter of the Deaf: $28.72/hour
    Interpret and translate from lectures and verbal discussions for deaf students, tutor deaf students in selected subject matter.  Convey instructor's intent as well as spoken words.  Will assist the classroom instructor in meeting the needs of the deaf student.  Will perform related instructional assistant duties as required by the special services program.
    Office Professional:
    Depending on the assignment, duties normally include a variety of routine and clerical tasks ranging from assisting in telephone and receptionist duties and basic computer knowledge using Microsoft Office applications, data base management software, and/or district email system.  Most substitute Office Professionals will be expected to interact with staff, students, parents and/or the general public.
    Office Professional ll $18.21/hour
    Office Professional lll $19.67/hour
    Office Professional lV $21.24/hour
    Office Professional V $22.94/hour
    Office Professional VI $24.78/hour 
    Paraeducator: $18.53/hour
    Substitute paraeducators assist in the educational program as well as the physical and behavioral needs of students in one or more of the following categories:  behaviorally challenged, learning challenged, physically challenged, hearing impaired, and vision impaired as well as safety and playground and bus monitor duties.
    Transportation Specialist: $21.65/hour
    Operate school buses in all types of weather conditions including but not limited to fog, rain, hail, sleet and snow.  Transport students and other authorized persons to and from school, on field and extra curricular trips as authorized by school district management. 

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