Be a Mentor: Be the Difference!

  • Be a Mentor. Be the Difference. Lunch Buddy with apple at the side.Just one hour, once a week, can impact a student for life!

    What is a mentor?

    A mentor is a trusted advisor, friend, role model, motivator, listener, and coach who can help empower and support a young person.

    Why become a mentor?

    • Mentoring guarantees young people that there is someone who cares about them, assures them they are not alone in dealing with day-to-day challenges, and makes them feel like they matter.
    • Students with mentors have increased graduation rates, better attitudes about school, and improved attendance, academic performance, and behavior.
    • Giving back to a young person and getting involved in community schools can lead to personal growth, a sense of fulfillment, and expanded professional development.

    Do I need any special qualities to be a mentor?

    Mentors need to be willing to listen, empathize, encourage, and empower their mentees. They also need to honor confidentiality, cultural diversity, and consistency. Training and support will be provided to all mentors.

    How can I become a mentor?

    Our Lunch Buddy program screens and matches adults with elementary and middle school students for weekly, hour-long meetings at the school during the student’s lunch/recess. You can play games, do craft activities, talk, and build an authentic friendship. It’s fun!

    How do I sign up?

    Fill out the Lunch Buddy Interest Form:

    Interest Form

    Our Mentor Program Liaison will reach out to you to schedule online mentor training. Both an NTPS volunteer application (including background check) and a mentoring application with references are also required.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

  • Our Peer Mentoring Program (in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Washington) matches high school students with middle school students for weekly 1 hour meetings after school to play games, discuss life, and build friendships. We also place peer mentors at South Bay Elementary.  It’s a great way to get volunteer hours and be the person you wish you had in middle school! To get started, apply online.

Questions? Contact us!

Other community mentoring opportunities

  • Give Something Back (Give Back)

  • Military Mentors

  • Pizza Klatch

  • Push for Dreams

  • TOGETHER! Clubhouse

  • YWCA Youth Action Circles