Become a mentor to an NTPS student!

  • Mentoring Word Cloud with the biggest phrase being 'Mentoring Works'.NTPS has a variety of unique mentoring opportunities for our students to be matched with older students and community members to share friendship, fun and experiences — with the ultimate goal of helping students become empowered and future-ready! Our partnerships with community organizations include Give Back!, Pizza Klatch, YWCA and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Washington and they offer peer, 1:1 and group mentoring activities that best suit each student.

    Students are connected to a mentorship opportunity that best serves their strengths, goals, and dreams. For 1:1 mentor matches, mentors generally have a weekly meeting with their mentee at their school for 30 minutes to one hour a week, helping them discuss, set, and achieve their goals.

    We hope to expand our mentoring program to elementary schools and provide more mentoring opportunities throughout next year. 

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2022-23 School Year Mentoring Opportunities

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters

  • Pizza Klatch

  • Give Something Back (Give Back)

  • YWCA Youth Action Circles

Mentors! Program Vision

  • NTPS MENTORS! works to support and empower our students by providing authentic mentoring opportunities with caring peers or adult friends. By working together, they can set, pursue, and achieve positive goals. It’s also a chance for them to work on decision-making, social awareness, and relationship skills. 

    We focus on:

    • social-emotional learning
    • friendship
    • cultural responsiveness and equity

    Mentors and their friends working together on projects.