High School Graduation Requirements

  • Each student who has successfully completed an instructional program appropriate to their interests and needs shall be awarded a diploma at graduation ceremonies. The Board shall award a regular high school diploma to every student enrolled in the District who meets the requirements of graduation established by the District. Only one diploma shall be awarded with no distinctions being made between the various programs of instruction which may have been pursued.
    The Board shall establish graduation requirements which, as a minimum, satisfy those established by the Washington State Board of Education (Policy 2410 | Procedure 2410P).

Graduation Requirements: Class of 2023 and Beyond

  • Updated 5/1/2023

    Credit Requirements 

    Content Course Number of Credits Required
    English 4 credits
    Mathematics 3 credits
    Science 3 credits (2 lab science)
    Social Studies 3 credits
    Arts 2 credit (1 Personalized Pathway)
    Health & Fitness 2 credits
    Occupational Education/CTE 1 credit
    Electives 4 credits
    World Language 2 credits (2 Personalized Pathway)
    Total Required Credits 24 credits


    Personalized Pathway

    The Personalized Pathway (PP) requirements are courses that lead to a specific post-high school career or educational outcome chosen by the student based on the student's interests reflected in the High School & Beyond Plan. These may include Career and Technical Education and are intended to provide a focus for the student's learning.

    Graduation Pathways

    Meet the graduation pathway requirements.

    Other Non-Credit Requirements

    • High School & Beyond Plan
    • Community service
    • Washington State history and government