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Safety in Our Schools

Keeping our staff and students safe is our number one priority in NTPS! We have an excellent partnership with the City of Lacey Police and the Thurston County Sheriff to keep our schools safe. We test various safety protocols and programs throughout our district with the goal of ensuring everyone feels safe at work and play in our schools.

When a safety-related incident occurs on or near an NTPS school, we strive to communicate quickly and accurately with families. Here are some things to know:

  • A lockdown means all campus doors are locked, and students remain inside their classrooms.
  • A lockout means all exterior doors are locked, and the school day proceeds inside the building.

In the event of a safety-related incident, the top priority is ensuring staff and students are safe. After that occurs, school leaders will communicate with families through School Messenger to update as appropriate.

Safety Measures at NTPS

Safety Information for Parents