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Guaranteed Admissions Program (GAP)

Logos of several Washington State colleges & universities surrounding the ntps logo

Qualifying North Thurston Public Schools seniors will now receive guaranteed admission to several Washington colleges and universities through a new pilot program.  

What colleges / universities are participating?

  • Central Washington University (minimum GPA 3.0)
  • Eastern Washington University (minimum GPA 3.0)
  • The Evergreen State College (minimum GPA 2.5)
  • Washington State University (minimum GPA 3.0 or top 10% of class)
  • Western Washington University (minimum GPA 3.0)
  • Pacific Lutheran University*
  • St. Martin's University*

*Separate from this program, but a similar partnership.

We may add additional colleges in the future! Check back!

What are the qualifications? 

  1. Meet minimum GPA and course requirements (College Academic Distribution Requirements, or CADRs) Download CADR info from WSAC (PDF)
  2. Parents / guardians (or the student, if 18) must opt in to release their contact information to higher education institutions.
  3. Once opted-in, student data to determine eligibility will be released to the participating institutions.

What happens next?

Participating institutions will mail the student an acceptance notice if they meet the minimum eligibility requirements.

Do students still need to apply to the institution once accepted?

Yes, students interested in attending must still complete an application for admission once notified of their guaranteed admissions status. There may be further requirements from the institution regarding admissions, and students should continue to engage in challenging high school coursework and maintain their high school GPA during their senior year.


Contact your School Counselor or College & Career Center Specialist.