NTPS Equity Advisory Team (EAT)

  • The Equity Advisory Team meeting around a table. In 2018, NTPS developed an Equity Advisory Team focused on guiding our district with Equity.  The team consists of community members/organizations, parents, and staff throughout our district. 

    The team meets monthly from 4-6 pm. 

    Accomplishments from the team include:

    • The development of our first Race and Equity Resolution adopted by the School Board on August 20, 2019, which led to our district’s first Race and Equity Governing Policy
    • The design of over 20 mini lessons and resources for administrators and Equity leadership teams to use during staff professional development
    • Four Design Team proposals that were fully supported by the district
      • Ethnic Studies
      • LGBTQIA+ Elementary Classroom Libraries
      • District wide Equity Professional Development
      • Community Café Development
    • The development of our second Equity Resolution for the district and the launch of Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards, Black Lives Matter resources, and an Equity Text Selection Tool
    • The team is also engaging in a book study “Just Schools: Building Equitable Collaboration with Families and Communities” by Ann M. Ishimaru to begin our deep dive into co-creating with our families and community racial equity policies and practices that will impact positive change in our district.

    If you're interested in joining or have questions, contact the Equity office at equity@nthurston.k12.wa.us

Throughout the District

  • Safe Schools for All
  • Governing Policy
  • Board Resolution
  • Equity Messages from Supt. Clemens
  • Multicultural Action Council
  • Equity Advisory Team
  • Mentors!
  • Minoritized Educators Roundable
  • Tribal Partnership