Dual Language Spanish/English Immersion at North Thurston Public Schools

  • Through a classroom made up of half native English speakers and half native Spanish speakers, with lessons taught in both languages, young learners can develop skills in two languages to serve them throughout their lives.

    Who is eligible?

    Students are eligible if they are entering kindergarten and live in the Mountain View Elementary area and up to 3rd grade if they are in the Lydia Hawk Elementary area (with some spots available for other NTPS students). Students must commit to staying in the program through 5th grade. If you live outside the Lydia Hawk and Mountain View attendance zone, transportation will only be provided to the school (not from school to home).

    How does the program work?

    Classes are around 24 students, with a goal of 50% of students from homes where English is primarily spoken and 50% where Spanish is spoken. Teachers provide instruction in both Spanish and English.

    Children are born with the capacity to learn languages! The dual language program teacher will help students learn in both languages through techniques such as pictures, props, facial expressions, gestures, and physical movements.

    The curriculum follows district guidelines and standards and will cover the same grade-level objectives as general education classrooms.

    How can my family apply?

    To be considered for the Dual Language Program at either Lydia Hawk or Mountain View, you must:

    • Fully register your student at North Thurston Public Schools: Enrollment process >>
    • Applications received during the school year (currently 2023-24) will be reviewed and/or approved on a case-by-case basis.

    Program Application

    Aplicación del programa

    Families will be notified within two weeks about whether their child will be enrolled in the program. Due to limited space, submitting an application does not guarantee a spot in the program. If the number of applications is more than the capacity, NTPS will maintain a waitlist, contacting families in placement order when classroom spots open.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Will a second language interfere with my child’s English ability?

  • Will my child fall behind if he/she learns two languages?

  • Will my child learn the same things as students in the regular classes?

  • Will my child become proficient in the second language? How long will that take?

Preguntas frecuentes

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