5th Grade Band & Orchestra

  • Welcome to Band & Orchestra at Evergreen Forest! Our 5th Graders learn the ins and outs of working in a performing group. Concerts are throughout the year! For more information, contact our Band & Orchestra teachers below.

John Theine

Ninee Wolff

  • Ninee Wolff



    Google Voice 206.745.2006

    Email is the best way to reach me.

    When emailing, please indicate which school your child is attending so I can best assist you.


    Class Materials:

    An instrument, music stand, metronome/tuner (apps on Chromebook or phone are fine for remote learning), a pencil, a mirror, and a positive attitude. 😊


    ❗Orchestra classes start on Monday September 28th❗


    Google Classrooms:

    Evergreen Forest km3weab

    Lakes Elementary er7shab

    Lydia Hawk Elementary f5bmnly

    Seven Oaks Elementary suvycd4

    Woodland Elementary 5hpp4ky