Troy Staszak

Professional Biography

  • This is my 5th year teaching Visual Arts for the North Thurston School District. We have expanded our program and it is now entitled Fine Arts, which will blend curriculum standards from all 4 fields of artistic study; Visual, Theatre, Music and Dance. This will be a temporary, experimental program. My students are encouraged to explore a myriad of artistic mediums in the disciplines of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art. In addition to our coursework, I provide an after school art program for interested artisans to create works both individually and in teams. I have studied at several universities across the nation including two years at the prestigious Columbus College of Art & Design in Ohio. I graduated from Evergreen State College as a Fine Artist and earned my teaching certification through the MIT program at TESC, and Pacific Lutheran University. In addition to public instruction I also work as a professional artist in Olympia, creating and selling artworks in ceramics, photography, bookmaking and sculpture.


    • Period 1: 6th grade
    • Period 2: 5th grade
    • Period 3: 4th grade
    • Period 4: 1st grade
    • Period 5: 3rd
    • Period 6: 2nd
    • Period 7: K