Troy Staszak

Professional Biography

  • Hello! My name is Troy Staszak and I am your Visual and Fine Arts teacher. I've been creating since I was a little kiddo just like you. I attended the Columbus College of Art & Design right out of high school in Ohio, which was an amazing adventure! I travelled across the country many times exploring National Parks for 6 years, and finally took root here in Olympia to raise my daughters Autumn and Lillian. I earned design and teaching degrees from both Evergreen State College and Pacific Lutheran University. I create and sell my own artwork, teach design at the Tacoma Art Museum during summer and spend a lot of time camping, climbing trees and trying to convince my wife Adi to fly fish with me!

    I have been the art teacher here at Chambers since it's conception and the diversity of our program has evolved tremendously; with the STUDENT at its' core. This means that the students help create the curriculum following an instructional model called TAB; Teaching Art Based. This model allows students to decide upon relative art lessons that have deeper meaning and connectivity. The studio is set up in revolving media stations that reflect the choices of students. Students can explore freely the media centers and learn technique, application and uses for there studies in design. The complexity and depth of projects will depend on student interest, discipline, vision and industriousness. INNOVATION is what we strive for here, not repetitive craft projects that end up in the trash. Our "Design Umbrella" embraces sustainability, integrity and meaningful exploration of creativity. This program focuses on engagement rather than product. We embrace making mistakes as part of the learning process; the key essential ingredient for innovative design work. 

    The art studio is open at all times for students to create, study, rejoice and socialize. We are here to help build compassionate human beings! Stop by anytime and join our journey!

    Troy Staszak

    Chambers Prairie Elementary 

    Visual/Fine Arts Teacher