Welcome to the Chambers Library!


    • 8:35-9:15         3rd Grade
    • 9:15-10:00       Management/Planning
    • 10:05-10:45     5th Grade/SCALS
    • 10:45-11:40     Open Library
    • 11:40-12:00     4th Grade
    • 12-12:30           Lunch
    • 12:35-1:15        Kindergarten
    • 1:20-2:00          1st Grade
    • 2-2:45                2nd Grade


    Books are checked out for 2 weeks.

    In consideration of others, students are expected to return books on time.

    If not on hold for someone else, books may be renewed when needed longer. 

What is the procedure for late or missing books?

    • Please help your child take care of his/her books by having a safe and consistent place to keep library books. Keep books away from food, liquids, young siblings, and pets. Some damage may be repairable (like a torn page) but liquid damage isn't; liquid ruins a book and can cause mold. Eew. Books are expensive so let's keep 'em safe!
    • For overdue items, students are verbally reminded to return books and notes are sent home so families can help look. 
    • Before replacing/paying for a lost book, please help your child look everywhere. Books are often found in the strangest places! If the book truly is lost (or damaged) the preference is to always have the book vs. money. So if the book can be found cheaper (even gently used books are okay!), feel free to replace the title.
    • Once a book is 30 days overdue, it is automatically marked as lost and a fine assessed on the student's account. This fine drops off as soon as the book is returned.
    • Any books still out at the end of the school year will be marked as lost, a fine will be assessed (replacement cost of the book), and a note will be added to the student's permanent record. This fine will remain until paid. 

    We recognize that extenuating circumstances sometimes exist, so please contact Marla Gisi or the library assistant, Sylvia Delgado, if necessary. 
    Do you have library books from your last school (even out of state)? We can help you get them back to their homes! Just bring them in to the library and we will take care of them for you.