Mrs. Wilson

Professional Biography

  • I grew up with teacher parents and saw how hard they both worked on the weekends and during breaks. I thought I'd never want to do what they did, but when I tried out substitute teaching after college, I knew teaching was right for me, too. I hold a BA in Literature & Creative Writing from UC Santa Cruz and a MFA in Poetry from Saint Mary's College, so from there it was a natural step for me to become credentialed as a Language Arts teacher.

    To this day, I have found no other profession so rewarding and challenging as teaching. I love working with young adults and helping them become mature individuals. The workload that I once dreaded is worth it because it means that I can help my students grow as readers and writers.

    I look forward to working with you and your student this year. Never hesitate to contact me with a question, concern, or comment.


  • Advisory Day
    Period 1 ELA 7th: 9:54-10:44
    Period 2 ELA 7th: 10:48-11:38
    Period 3 ELA 7th: 11:42-12:08
    2nd Lunch: 12:08-12:38
    Period 3 ELA 7th:  12:42-1:08
    Period 4 Adv ELA 7th : 1:12-2:02
    Period 5: Planning
    Period 6: 3:00-3:50
    Non-Advisory Day
    Period 1 ELA 7th: 9:20-10:20
    Period 2 ELA 7th: 10:24-11:20
    Period 3 ELA 7th: 11:24-11:50
    2nd Lunch: 11:50-12:20
    Period 3 ELA 7th:  12:24-12:50
    Period 4 Adv ELA 7th : 12:54-1:50
    Period 5: Planning
    Period 6: 2:54-3:50 
    Early Release
    Period 1 ELA 7th: 9:20-10:02
    Period 2 ELA 7th: 10:06-10:47
    Period 3 ELA 7th: 10:51-11:17
    2nd Lunch: 11:17-11:47
    Period 3 ELA 7th:  11:51-12:17
    Period 4 Adv ELA 7th : 12:21-1:03
    Period 5: Planning
    Period 6: 1:53-2:35
Last Modified on July 20, 2017