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  • Building for the Future.

    The Construction and Design Department plans and manages the District's Capital Projects, large and small. We work closely with OSPI to secure and maximize state funding and ensure compliance with state requirements.

    We also manage multiple teams of architects, engineers, and contractors on a daily basis, throughout all projects.

Our Responsibilities

  • In fulfilling its primary responsibility, the staff of the Construction and Design Department provides the District with professional in-house project and construction management, which include the following:

    • Administers the District's capital budget.
    • Manages the design and construction of all major capital projects. 
    • Maintains the District’s Small Works Roster and projects.
    • Construction Administration: Permit applications and agency review; project specifications, bid documents and bid analysis; contracts, bonds and insurance; project meetings, agendas, minutes and correspondence; project records and submittals; pay requests, change orders and project costs; L&I required documents, project warranties.
    • Maintains past and present site and project records for all district sites.
    • Consults with District counsel on facility and site-related legal issues. 

    The purchase of equipment and furnishings for major projects and ongoing District-wide operations is another responsibility of this department.

    NTPS C&D also provides support to the Chief Operations Officer, individual school sites and other district departments in the following areas:

    • Long-range planning for growth and future projects.
    • Prepares the annual Six-Year Capital Facilities Plan (PDF).
    • Provides bond planning, support, and community outreach.
    • Creates, maintains and regularly updates District Design Standards.
    • Manages the state-mandated Asset Preservation Program (APP).
    • Serves as the District liaison with City, County and State agencies on future and current project planning, road and utility issues, land management, land acquisition and future growth in the district.
    • C&D staff manage the utility budget and facilitate recycling collection and energy programs in the district to insure resource-efficient programs, as well as secure grants.
    • Facilitates Safe Paths to Schools program and related grants.
    • Identifies district-wide ADA needs. Responds to ADA issues as they arise and coordinates solutions with the assistance of the District ADA consultant.
    • Provides support on developer mitigation and land acquisition issues.
    • Coordinates the execution of easements, rights-of-ways, and other land use documents.
    • Responds to Public Records Requests and facility-related requests for information generated by staff, community members, and public agencies.

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