Current Supply List


    KMS Fees

    All KMS Students pay the student planner, Chromebook Assurance, and Science fees. Music, Art, and Sports fees are only paid by participating students.

    • Student Planner: $5.00
    • Science Fee: $10.00
    • Chromebook Assurance: $10.00
    • Art Fee: $10.00 (per semester)
    • Music Fee: $20.00
    • Sports Fee: $60.00 *One time fee

    If you are unable to provide all of the supplies necessary, please contact your student's counselor, the school office, or your student's advisor.

    Thank you for always being prepared!

    General Supplies

    • Backpack or Book Bag
    • Headphones or earbuds
    • Three-ring Binder - (1.5 or 2 inches)
    • Pencils - large supply
    • Notebook Paper - loose, college-ruled
    • 4 College-rule Composition Books (students
      enrolled in KEMS will need one additional
      composition book)
    • 1 Graph Paper Composition Book
    • Three–hole Pencil Pouch
    • 8 Tab Dividers (w/ pockets preferred)
    • 10-20 Sheet Protectors
    • Pens - Blue, Black and Red
    • Glue Sticks
    • Large Eraser (like Pink Pearl)
    • Colored Pencils
    • Highlighters (four colors)
    • Scissors
    • Handheld Pencil Sharpener
    • Scientific Calculator
    • 12” Metric Ruler (inches & mm/cm)
    • Scotch Tape
    • 2” x 2” Sticky Notes
    • Two Boxes of Tissues (give to Advisory teacher)

    Physical Education Attire

    • Non-platform tennis shoes with non-marking soles
    • Shorts or sweats
    • T-shirt with appropriate language and/or designs; no tank or crop tops 

    Additional Class Supplies


    • Intermediate & Advanced Band Book: “Habits of a Successful Middle School Musician”
    • Uniform: Black shoes, black socks, black dress pants/long skirt, white button up shirt and black bow tie
    • Three-ring Binder: 1” black with five dividers 
    • Folding Music Stand
    • Percussion: Bell kit/snare drum kit with a pair of wood tip drum sticks and a pair of hard rubber/plastic mallets 


    • $20 for choir shirt (in addition to $20 class fee)
    • Black slacks, dress shoes, and black socks
    • 1” three-ring binder 


    • Violin/Viola: shoulder rest, rag, rosin, pencil
    • Cello/Bass: rockstop, rag, rosin, pencil
    • Uniform: Black shoes, black socks, black dress pants/long skirt, white button up shirt and black bow tie
    • Three-ring binder: 1” with 5 dividers
    • Recommended: folding music stand, metronome, tuner, mute 

    *Students are expected to replenish supplies during the year as needed.  Please check your child’s school supplies on a regular basis and restock as necessary.

    *If you are able to purchase extra supplies and donate to our  “supply pantry” -  it would benefit students in need! 

Last Modified on August 6, 2019