Welcome to the Komachin Health Room!

  • Nurse: Fawn Miller RN (Monday & Thursday all day)
    Phone: (360) 412-4743
    Health Room Assistant: Shannon Moore (Monday-Friday all day)

    Komachin has a first aid certified Health Room Assistant available during school hours. We also a have a school nurse available throughough the week. The health room is located inside the Main Office. Students that become ill or injured need to check with their teacher to receive a pass to the health room. A parent or guardian may be contacted if the students is too ill to return to class. Otherwise, the student will be sent back to class when the health room staff deems it appropriate.

    All medications (including over-the-counter medication) to be dispensed during school hours and/or available to students must be processed through the health room staff. All necessary forms must be completed, required medical information supplied, and procedures for safe use of such substances followed completely.

    Life-Threatening Health Conditions: Many students have health conditions, such as bee sting or peanut allergies, sever asthma, diabetes, seizures, or heart conditions, that may cause a life-threatening emergency during the school day. These students must have a plan including medications and/or treatment in place prior to the first day of school. Please contact the health room for the necessary forms or information.

    Is Your Student Ready for School: To attend school in Washington State, your student must be fully immunized, or file for an exemption with the school district. Make sure that your children are up-to-date on their immunizations.

District Health Information