Middle School Meal Menus

  • April 2024 Middle School Menu

    May 2024 Middle School Menu

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    To see the full menu, including carbohydrates, allergens, and other information, visit the online interactive menu >>  

    If you have questions about the menu or nutrition information, please email the Food & Nutrition Services department: foodnutrition@nthurston.k12.wa.us. We provide meals that meet USDA guidelines for providing the 5 components that make up a healthy meal - proteins, milk, grains, fruits, and vegetables. Families can be assured that every meal will contain these 5 components.

Adding Money to a Lunch Account

  • Check or Cash: Pay through the office. During summers, you can make payments at the District Office.

    Credit Card: Pay online through our payment portal. 

      1. Log into the Payment Portal
      2. Select your student
      3. Shop: Items at student's school
      4. Category: Food Service
      5. Select a preset amount or a custom amount.

    What if there's a negative lunch account balance? Please pay the negative balance and add any extra to the account.

Lunch Behavior Expectations at Komachin

  • Komachin Middle School provides lunch service for all of our students. Free or reduced lunch price information and forms may be obtained in the cafeteria. There are three separate lunch times with each lunch lasting thirty minutes long. In general, students are assigned a lunch with same house class-mates. Lunch is an important time for students to socialize with friends, relax, eat, and play. All students are expected to eat in the cafeteria during the first fifteen minutes of their lunchtime. Students are allowed to leave the cafeteria after 15 minutes to go outside in the garden area, the library, or classrooms with a pass previously obtained.

    Access to the restrooms during lunch is by permission; student passes are available and must accompany each student to the restroom.

    Once students leave the cafeteria and go outside, they may only come back in with permission.

    Students may access the library and the computer lab during lunch with permission. Passes are available on a first come first serve basis when the library or lab is open.

    After cleaning up your eating area, students may exit the cafeteria only after given permission.  Students choosing to go outside are expected to remain in the designated garden and gymnasium areas. Students are to remain in areas that are visible to adult supervisors. Students are not to be in the halls or restrooms outside the cafeteria without a pass and prior permission.  Students may go to the attendance and counseling offices during lunch with a valid reason.

    Lunchroom Expectations

    In the commons

    • Show a positive attitude at all times.
    • Be cooperative with adult supervisors and food servers.
    • Sit on the seats at the table while eating. You may not be walking around.
    • Use a quiet tone of voice.
    • Keep your food, hands and feet to yourself.
    • Eat only in the commons; food and/or drink may not be taken outside the cafeteria.
    • Clean up the table and the floor underneath by putting garbage into the garbage cans, recycling appropriately and wiping up spills.
    • Students choosing to remain inside after eating may play board games and/or visit with friends but all lunchroom expectations are still in effect.

    Lunch Detention

    Students are assigned lunch detention for a variety of reasons as part of the Komachin Middle School building-wide WOLF PACK program. Common reasons for being assigned detention may include eating in unauthorized areas, failure to follow lunchroom or outside expectations, or excessive tardies to classes.

    When assigned lunch detention the student is  responsible for signing in within 5 minutes of the beginning of the lunch period, eating lunch in the detention room, remaining quiet for the remainder of the lunch period, and signing out at the end of the lunch period.

    An additional day of lunch detention will be assigned for each day a student forgets to sign in or for not following through correctly with lunch detention responsibilities. Only students assigned to lunch detention may sit in the  detention room. It is considered “off limits” to non-assigned students.

    Students who are unable to follow detention expectations and are disruptive to the environment will be subject to discipline up to and  including suspension.

    Food, Gum, Beverages

    Students are expected to consume food and beverages in the cafeteria only. They will be confiscated and disposed of if they are being consumed in an non-designated area. Gum chewing is not allowed on campus at anytime and will result in disciplinary consequences. Students are allowed access to a water vending machine during the day. All other snack machine use is restricted to lunch and after school.