Transportation Options

  • NTPS School Bus

    All students must register to ride a school bus.

    Registration for 2023-24 is now closed. Check back towards the end of June for 2024-25 bus rider registration.

    Intercity Transit

    Our community bus system, Intercity Transit, has excellent coverage in the county.


    Ride or drive with someone! Visit the Rideshare website to see if there are any ridesharers going to your school!


    If you live within the walk zone, you can walk to school! Great exercise, and if you pack an umbrella, you'll stay dry!

Komachin Walking Zone

Riding the Bus to Komachin

  • All school policies are in effect at bus stops and on school buses at all times and student misconduct will be subject to progressive discipline up to and including suspension from the bus for the remainder of the year.
    Student transportation is a privilege -- not a right.  Violation of school bus rules can create an immediate danger to the health and safety of others. Student conduct on the buses and at the bus stops must reflect good judgment and meet the expectations we have for all students at school. You are expected to follow these rules at all times. Any infraction of the rules may result in discontinuation of bus riding privileges.

    Bus Riding Guidelines

    Obey the Bus Driver

    • The bus driver is in charge of the bus and passengers. Passengers must comply promptly and fully  with requests.

    Speak Quietly, No Bad Language

    Keep Your Body and Objects With You to Yourself

    • Throwing articles in or from the bus is not allowed.
    • Pushing, hitting, or shoving others is not acceptable.
    • Students will not extend their hands, arms, or head out of bus windows.

    Stay Seated and Face Forward

    • The bus driver may assign seats.
    • Stay seated until the bus comes to a full stop.

    Loading and Unloading Procedures

    • Cross the road in front of the bus, never behind it.
    • Pushing, shoving or crowding in bus loading area is not appropriate.
    • Students can leave the bus only at school or their regularly assigned stop. Exceptions will be authorized through appropriate procedures.
    • You must be on time. The bus cannot wait for tardy students. Be at the stop at least 5 minutes before your scheduled pick up time.

    No Large Objects on the Bus

    • This includes large musical instruments.

    No Banned Items on the Bus

    • No sharp objects, firearms, skateboards, breakable containers, live animals, tobacco, or alcohol.

    Obey Railroad Crossing Procedures

    • When the bus stops at a railroad crossing, there will be absolutely no noise or talking until the bus is completely across the tracks.

    No Harassment