Attendance Policies & Procedures at Komachin

Excused Absences

  • Absences are excused ONLY in the case of illness, medical or dental appointments, bereavement, family emergency, court appearances, or if the student has received an approval by school administration for a planned absence.

    Parents, when your child is absent from school, we would appreciate a call or email before 9:00 am on the day of the absence. If a call is not possible, please send a note with your child upon his or her return to school.

    If a phone call or note from the parent cannot verify the absence within 24 hours of the student’s return, the absence will be considered unexcused.

    These excuses become a part of the student’s Attendance Record. A pattern of absences or absences in excess of twenty days may result in school authorities requesting a doctor’s verification of illness.

Pre-Arranged Absences

  • Permission to be absent from school three days or more for reason(s) other than illness may be granted when requested by the parent(s) and/or guardian at least one week prior to the absence and agreed upon by school administration.

    It is the student’s responsibility to arrange for all make-up work following an excused absence. After a student has been absent for three days due to illness, the school office will assist in obtaining assignments. If this service is necessary, a request should be made to the office. Please allow 24 hours for teachers to prepare materials.

Excused Absences

  • A student whose absences are unexcused may not be allowed to make up work for the days missed. All graded activities shall be treated as if the student had chosen not to participate in them.

    Students missing their bus must make every effort to get to school by their own means. A missed bus, missed ride, sleeping in, babysitting, or car problems is not a valid excuse for an absence or tardy. Transportation to and from school is a student’s responsibility.

    In accordance with the state’s mandatory “BECCA” attendance laws and District attendance policies, if a student is absent without legitimate excuse for one half of the student’s educational program day on 5 or more occasions in a calendar month and/or 10 in a year, the School District may file a petition with the juvenile court seeking the court’s jurisdiction over the student’s attendance in school.

    Attendance letters will be sent home when a student has accumulated unexcused absences. If you receive a letter, please follow the instructions it outlines to avoid disciplinary consequences for attendance issues. Letters may also be sent home when a student accumulates excessive excused absences.


  • Students are expected to arrive to school and to each class on time. If you arrive late to school, go directly to the attendance office to get a tardy slip. If you do not have a note or phone call from your parent/guardian stating an excusable reason, your tardy is considered unexcused.

    Oversleeping or missing the bus are not considered excused. Students who develop a pattern of tardiness will be subject to progressive discipline.