Art, Music, and Theatre at NTPS

Program Contacts

Band & Orchestra

  • Students have the opportunity to begin participating in Band or Orchestra in 5th grade. Classes meet daily, and the students perform in three to four concerts throughout the school year. In middle and high school, these opportunities increase to include specialized musical groups (such as jazz band and concert orchestra) participating in annual group contests, community performances, and Solo & Ensemble contests with includes an opportunity to be assessed by music adjudicators. Please visit our school websites to learn more about the group and class offerings at each school.

Elementary Music

  • In our music programs at elementary schools, students have regularly-scheduled time with a music specialist in 1st through 5th grades. They learn through such genres as singing, xylophones, creative movement, drumming, and instruction in general musical knowledge. Other opportunities, which vary by school, includes choirs, musicals, and performances at school assemblies and community events. Check with your elementary school to learn more about their music program.


  • When students enter middle school, they have the opportunity to participate in the choir program as an elective class. They perform at school and community events throughout the year. These opportunities continue as they enter high school, where there are additional types of performance groups varying from school to school. Each spring, schools participate in the Choir Festival and Vocal Solo & Ensemble contest which includes an opportunity to evaluation by music adjudicators. Please visit our individual school websites to learn more about the choir opportunities at each school.

Visual Art

  • Students have regularly-scheduled time with an art specialist beginning in 1st grade. When they enter middle school, the opportunity to study art continues in the form of an elective class. This continues as they enter high school, where a variety of art classes are offered. Please check with your school about their art program offerings.


  • The theatre program begins in Middle School with electives and classes on drama history and performance culminating in fall and spring productions. Each high school offers a music and dramatic production, and our Performing Arts Middle School offers participation in a production to all of its students. To learn more about the individual theatre programs, please visit that school's website.