Athletics at Komachin

  • Athletics Co-Curricular Program  

    Komachin students participate in the North Thurston Public Schools middle school athletic program. There are four sports seasons available for all 7th and 8th-grade students to participate in. Students interested in participating will need the appropriate forms for parent permission, medical insurance, a physical examination, pay a participation fee, and maintain academic eligibility. A current physical is good for all seasons during the school year. All forms must be completed and returned to the office prior to the start of a season to ensure eligibility to participate.
    Students shall be held responsible for compliance of all school rules and North Thurston Public School policies during after-school activities. Infractions of those rules shall be subject to the same corrective action or discipline as if applied during the regular school program and may eliminate eligibility for continuing in the activity.
    In order to qualify to turn out for athletics, a student must pass all classes taken during the previous quarter. In order to maintain athletic eligibility during the athletic season, a student shall maintain passing grades in all classes and meet behavioral expectations. Eligibility forms and Athletic Handbooks with guidelines and a Code of Ethics are available online and in the Main Office.
    No student may participate in any extra-curricular activity if they currently have a school fine. This includes books, school supplies, restitution fees, returning uniforms from a previous sport, etc. Fines must be cleared through the Main Office in order to participate.
    The seasons and sports are as follows:
    • September 10th-October 29th: Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball, and Co-ed Cross Country
    • November 13th-January 18th: Girls Basketball and Co-ed Wrestling
    • January 29th-March 22rd: Boys Basketball and Girls Soccer
    • April 9th-May 17th: Co-ed Track
    Participation, performance, and competition in the co-curricular program will focus on the opportunity for students to develop and exhibit skills to the best of their abilities without pressures to determine individual or group superiority and with equal value placed on each activity.
    The goals of the program: build self-esteem, develop skills, expand interests leading to lifetime leisure activities, provide the opportunity for personal and social growth, encourage all students to participate.


    Sports Fee - $60.00  
    All students participating in the athletic program for the school year are required to pay a sports fee.  This fee covers all program expenses, including but not limited to: coaches, supervising staff, officials, transportation and jerseys.  This fee must be paid in the office prior to the first day of practice.

    Doctor's physicals are required - Valid for TWO years

    Students interested in participating in sports must pick up an information packet from the office, or print from the KMS website. The packet includes; The Code of Conduct, Safety Guidelines, Emergency Card, Physical Form and other forms.  These forms must be on file with KMS Student Services prior to the first day of practice.  Doctors' sports physicals are now valid for two years, but must cover the entire sports season.

    Sports Calendar

    Once released, all sports events can be found on our Sports Calendar.  This calendar is found under "Activities" then Sports Schedules.
    Abbreviations on the calendar are as follows:
    CMS - Chinook Middle School
    NMS - Nisqually Middle School
    SMS - Salish Middle School 
    HMS - Hudtloff Middle School (Clover Park School District)
    RMS - Ridgeline Middle School (Yelm School District)
    YMS - Yelm Middle School (Yelm School District)