Ron King

  • "Rise above oneself and grasp the world"
    Latin inscription on the prestigious Fields Medal 
    Fields Medal
    Math (7th & 8th Grade)

    Room: 102 (A-Hall/100 Hall)
    Phone: 360.412.4760 x36102

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    • 1st Period Advanced Algebra 8
    • 2nd Period Hi-Cap Algebra 7
    • 3rd Period Planning
    • 4th Period Core Math 8
    • 5th Period Advanced Algebra 8
    • 6th Period Hi-Cap Geometry 8


  • This I Believe For students taking high school level coursework (ie. Algebra or Geometry), you can choose to accept the high school credit (you must also accept the corresponding grades as well) by filling out this "INCLUDING MIDDLE SCHOOL COURSES ON THE HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT" form.  This does not require your immediate attention.  You can make an informed decision by waiting until high school to see how these middle school grades impact your child's overall GPA.
    Let me just say that I am a Math Nerd extraordinaire.  I am curious about all mathy things...puzzles, patterns, tech tools, etc.  If you find something interesting, bring it on!  I am an active member of the Math-Twitter-Biosphere (#MTBoS).  If you search the hashtag on any social media platform, you'll get a flare for what I mean when I say, "I am always interested in math teaching methods that engage students and get them talking."  That could mean beginning class with a routine called "My Favorite NO!" or engaging students in solving problems using my large (2'x3') whiteboards at desks, on the floor, or hanging from the walls.  My repertoire of routines isn't limited to paper or whiteboards either.  I love the online calculator DESMOS and the great teacher activity builder site that accompanies it.  For students with smartphones, I highly recommend them download the DESMOS app, we will use it often in class.  Last year I jumped feet first into learning a new tool called CANVAS.  This is where you'll be able to find & track everything we do in class.  You'll need to email me in order to add you (parents) to your son/daughter's class.  Otherwise, my students are automatically enrolled to start the year.  I use the site for notes, reminders, classroom documents, etc. and it is my one-stop-shop for specific details about my class.
    In my room you will find a blend of teaching styles mixed with set routines & expectations.  When students enter my room, they are expected to sign-in, fill out their planner, and begin the "Do Now" or "Warm-Up" within the first 5 minutes of class.  After homework, I set the hook about our learning for the period (yes, I fish too!), then dive in.  Closing the lesson is big for me, just as getting students to reflect on their learning.  My goal is to ask students to email you every Friday and update you on their learning for the week.  In addition, I pledge to have Skyward updated before school begins on Mondays.
    My passion for math, my daily energy, can be traced back to my early experiences with math.  I can recall very clearly my earliest math experiences in elementary school, from the "Math Olympics" to the town of AJAX and it's interesting mathematical connections.  These experiences opened my mind to the "real" math that surrounds us daily.  That is why I work tirelessly to bring real world mathematics into my teaching whenever possible.  It provides the context for deep understanding and builds the type of leverage we try to instill in our students to become in life-long learners.
    In addition to teaching, I've also coached football, basketball, track and soccer at various times in my 18 years at Chinook.  My only previous teaching position was for 2 1/2 years teaching math, science & PE at Mann Middle School in Lakewood.  As an Army Brat, Mann MS was a place I chose to begin my career because it was a school my oldest brother attended back in 1978 when we lived in the Beachwood neighborhood of North Ft. Lewis.   
    Associates of Arts & Sciences - Pierce College
    Bachelor of Sciences (Secondary Mathematics) - Kansas State University
    Masters in Educational Technology - Lesley University
    Math & PE Teacher - Iva Alice Mann Middle School (Lakewood, WA - '99-'01)
    Math & Leadership Teacher - Chinook Middle School ('01 - Present)
    I am a member of the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE).  I strongly support AMLE's "This We Believe" philosophy.  Below you will find great resources to support you, your family, and your child as they maneuver their way through middle school.