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  • Marcus Aurelius

    Room: 320

    Subject/Grade Level: Social Studies (Honors World Studies, AP U.S. History, Civics)


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    “…But the truly fortunate person has created his own good fortune through good habits of soul, good intentions, and good actions.” 
    - Marcus Aurelius



  • Welcome to Mr. Waltz's Social Studies classes.  Although I believe most students will find the year at least somewhat challenging, there should be some opportunities to have some fun as well.  Hopefully you will find this website helpful.  To see the pages available to you, click on the '+' next to the course you are enrolled in.

    Why History?

    History is replete with greatness and shame. In my opinion one of the basic purposes in studying history is to celebrate and continue the great things that have happened (and to give us the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent the shameful ones from happening again).When you consider the decisions that have most affected our nation, whether they be in the form of an election, or they be in the form of a judgment call made by an elected official, it is the skills fostered by history and the other social sciences that are used the most. Decisions such as who will make a good president, or whether or not you oppose segregation rarely boil down to a simple mathematical formula or scientific theorem. Instead, a person must often compare values, weigh inexact information, and then draw a logical conclusion. Studying history and the other social sciences help impart the knowledge and skills necessary to make a wise decision.


  •  1st Period Honors World Studies
     2nd Period Civics
     3rd Period AP U.S. History
     4th Period Civics
     5th Period Planning
     6th Period AP U.S. History
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