Claire Hundertmark

Professional Biography

  • My teaching history starts with recognition of the teachers who made a difference in my life: Mr. Higgins taught me algebra and cribbage and laughter. Mrs. Birch encouraged me to take pre-calculus, but I declined her advice, only later realizing she had confidence in my ability that I didn't yet have. I don't remember all the history I learned from Mr. Kreiss, just his patient and persistent effort to make a cross-country runner out of me. I haven't always been a teacher. My first career in medical laboratory science used lots of the math I learned from Mrs. Birch, but eventually brought me back to the University of Washington for a teaching certificate in 2000. I traded science for literature and writing, but the heart of all disciplines are the same - curiosity, creativity, exploration and discovery. All eighteen years of my teaching life have been here at Chinook. I became a National Board Certified Teacher in 2010.


    • Period 0 - House Kokua of Pride East (advisory)
    • Period 1 - 7th Grade English Language Arts
    • Period 2 - 7th Grade English Language Arts
    • Period 3 - 7th Grade English Language Arts
    • Period 4 - Planning
    • Period 5 - 7th Grade Highly Capable English Language Arts
    • Period 6 - 7th Grade English Language Arts