What is Skyward Family Access?

  • Family Access is an online program that allows you to check teacher's grade books to view how your student is doing.  Your student received a sticker to put in their planner with their login and password at the start of the school year.  You can use their login and password to track their progress, but can also receive your own login and password to check attendance or other information on file.
    For login information, please contact the office.
    Family Access is only for parents/guardians that have legal rights to view the student grades.  Passwords are not issued to grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends or neighbors unless they are the legal guardian of the student.  Passwords are never issued over the telephone because we are unable to determine who the caller actually is.  

    We look forward to partnering with parents in the education process of their children.

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    Access all your student's information with Skyward Family Access!

    Family Access is a web-based tool designed to give guardians and students access to student information such as attendance, academic progress, schedules, lunch balances, and more! Students and guardians each have their own access. Your use of the Family Access website is voluntary.

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    Thank you for being involved and engaged in your child's educational progress and success!