Jacqui Gibbons

  • 7th Advanced Pre-algebra
    8th Grade Algebra 1
    Geometric Art
    "In all that you do...If you BELIEVE, you can ACHIEVE!" 

Professional Biography

  • I have been teaching middle school math in North Thurston Public Schools for 25 years; 15 years at Nisqually Middle School and 10 years at Aspire Middle School. I earned my Bachelors of Arts degree from the Evergreen State College in 1992, my teaching certificate (4-12 math, 4-12 history, and k-8 elementary education) from Saint Martin's College in 1994, and my Masters of Education with an emphasis in creative arts from Lesley College in 1997.

Class Information


    • 1st Period: Algebra
    • 2nd Period:7th Grade Advanced Math
    • 3rd Period: 7th Grade Advanced Math
    • 4th Period: Geometric Art
    • 5th Period: Algebra
    • 6th Period: Algebra
    • 7th Period: Planning