Chris Traber

Professional Biography

  • After teaching for 30 years, there is no place I would rather be than Aspire Middle School.  Nothing excites me more than offering everything I know about dance, music, and theatre to enthusiastic students, and ours are terrific.  I have had the fortune to study the performing arts with masters, to teach, and to perform far from home, and whenever I return, I marvel at the northwest - there is no place more beautiful, and I am thankful for all the North Thurston Schools have offered me as a student (I attended Lakes, Chinook, and Timberline) and staff member (at Horizons before Aspire).  My work is best expressed through student performance - please take a look at the photos included here, and join us for an upcoming event.   

    There's no business like show business!

Theatre Class Routine / Behavior Expectation

  • Entering the Classroom

    Finish conversations before entering the classroom. Place backpacks and coats near wall. Read the "Do Now" directions. Join circle or audience seating with pen(cil), planner, paper, and any props, costume pieces, or other currently used materials.

    Starting the Class Period

    In your assigned place, independently follow the directions under "Do Now". For assistance, follow the example set by other students.

    Asking for Help

    Please wait until instruction has been completed. Ask questions during independent work time. I am also often available between 8:30-9AM, during second lunch, and after school (when there is no production rehearsal).

    Working Independently

    Complete work with focused concentration. Make the choice that results in more learning.

    Working in Cooperative Groups

    Stay on task keeping Firebird Traits in mind (respect, responsibility, and safety). Participate with meaningful, creative contributions so that your group's work is better because you are a member.


    Make choices to support the learning and best work of each student (others and yourself).


    Never break character! This includes onstage and offstage character.

    Out of Class Pass

    Request to use the Pass during independent work time.


    Allow yourself enough time to put away props and costume pieces.

    Work Completion

    When an assignment is completed, it is assessed and feedback is given. Work may be redone to raise a grade. If necessary, the student is responsible for making an appointment to re-do- activity assignments.

    Class Closure

    Stay in the classroom until the bell rings. Be attentive to passing time.