Ms. Schaadt


    1. 6th grade Earth/Space Science
    2. 7th/8th grade Science
    3. Planning
    4. Lunch
    5. 6th grade Earth/Space Science
    6. Robotics
    7. 7th/8th grade Science
    8. 6th grade Earth/Space Science

Professional Biography

  • I enjoy teaching middle school and I especially love doing "hands-on" science. I have been teaching science in North Thurston Public Schools for over 25 years. Prior to teaching at Aspire, I taught 8th grade physical science and several science electives at Chinook Middle School. I have a BS degree in Biology from Virginia Tech and an MEd degree in Natural Science from Western Washington University. Several years ago I earned National Board certification in Early Adolescent Science. I actually began my teaching career at summer camp, teaching sailing, swimming, and marine biology. I also taught astronomy and geology at Astrocamp in Idyllwild, California. My career prior to teaching was as a lab technician at Puget Sound Blood Center in Seattle. I was raised in New Jersey and worked hard to lose my accent when I moved west after college. In my free time I enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, traveling, knitting, and quilting.

Science At Aspire

  • 6th Grade Science - Earth & Space Science

    • Introduction to Science, Safety, Metric System
    • Earth History (rocks, rock cycle, plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes)
    • Weather and Water
    • Earth in Space (shadows, seasons, sun/earth/moon system, solar system, galaxy and beyond

    7th & 8th Grade Science Life Science

    • Ecology and Salmon
    • Safety, Equipment, Metric System
    • Matter and Chemical Reactions
    • Energy Types and Transfers
    • Waves, Electricity and Magnetism

    7th & 8th Grade Science Physical Science

    • Structure and Function
    • Growth and Reproduction
    • Genetics and Heredity
    • Natural Selection
    • Force and Motion