Anne Kohlbry

Professional Biography

  • I teach English and social studies to highly-capable sixth graders and also share my love of yoga with Firebirds in all three grades …every body can benefit from the strength, flexibility, balance, and focus gained by practicing yoga!

    After growing up in the Midwest (Minnesota) and attending college in the East, (Maine) which also included a year in Oxford, England, it was only a matter of time before I checked out the northwestern side of the country. That decision manifested in ten years at Charles Wright Academy in Tacoma teaching English, history, and French. During that period I also taught aerobics and completed an M.Ed. at the University of Puget Sound.  Next came a stint in South Carolina, where I taught yoga and vegetarian cooking in the community and creative journaling at both USC and an alternative high school. My family then returned to the Northwest, this time to Salt Spring Island, B.C., but by the mid 90's we returned to Washington and I have lived in Olympia ever since--where else can you both kayak and snowshoe/ski in the winter? 

    Within NTPS I taught Learning Support, School-Based Enrichment, and Sixth Grade TAG before moving to Aspire when it opened in 2009.  I consider it a privilege to teach here, and I am excited to meet this year's batch of new students.


  • Period 1 Yoga
    Period 2 Yoga
    Period 3 Yoga
    Period 4 Yoga
    Period 5 Hi-Cap English and Social Studies
    Period 6
    Hi-Cap English and Social Studies
    Period 7 Planning