Ali Whisnant

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    6th Grade Math, Accelerated 6th Grade Math
    and 8th Grade Pre-Algebra II

2020-21 Schedule

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Professional Biography

  • I began teaching middle school students in 1996, and my career in NTPS began in 2005.  I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education with endorsements in Special Education and Elementary Education from Central Washington University.  I earned a Master's degree in Teaching from Grand Canyon University and I achieved National Board Certification in 2008 in Early Adolescent Mathematics, and renewed my NBPTS certificate in 2017.  I feel very fortunate to have been on the teacher leadership team that opened Aspire's doors in 2009.  I have traveled the world with students {Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, New Zealand, Australia, and Washington DC}, which allowed textbook learning to become real world understanding and empathy.  There is nothing better!