Letter from Principal Crawford

  • Aspire Families-
    At Aspire we passionately believe that all students possess an innate connection to the performing arts and it is our job to cultivate their ability, enjoyment and appreciation of the performing arts. We know that there is a strong correlation between music, movement, and the development of the human brain. We use this to inspire and promote learning in the core areas of Math, Science, English and Social Studies.

    This year we have continued to focus on the importance of having a growth mindset and fostering tenacity and resiliency in our students as they continue to work at what challenges them, whether that is a mathematical concept or musical concept. We are tremendously proud of our students and their accomplishments in both the arts and academics, and we will continually strive for that next step and push our students to reach their fullest potential.

    Students and staff continue our work this year towards making Aspire a community that is passionate about the arts and about creating a culture of acceptance and encouragement among its student body and staff. We know that creating a culture that is accepting and welcoming is fundamental to students thriving and succeeding at school and in life.

    All Students Empowered & Future-Ready at Aspire Middle School, with the sounds and performances that add beauty and enjoyment to every day.

    Courtney Crawford