Letter from Principal Suhling

  • The Suhling family posing in front of a old town settlement.Welcome to Aspire Performing Arts Academy,

    It is an honor to serve as the principal of Aspire. Our school is dedicated to growing and nurturing the personal growth of each of our students through a foundation of performing arts exploration. I am just one member of a dedicated staff of educators who are focused on creating amazing experiences for your student here at Aspire during these important middle school years.

    My background relates closely to my role as the Aspire Principal. I graduated from Eastern Washington University with two undergraduate degrees, one in Music Education and one in Music Performance, began teaching in 2001 and was a band director until 2013 when I moved into my first principal role. My love and passion for the performing arts can’t be overstated. The personal growth experienced through the study of the performing arts is well-researched. I attribute much of my professional success to my experiences as a music student and performer. I am confident your students will also experience tremendous personal growth through the performing arts. And this growth will without a doubt assist in their success across all academic areas.

    It is our goal that every student at Aspire can feel a strong sense of belonging. We know that a safe, respectful, and responsible school is one where students thrive personally and academically. Aspire’s positive behavior intervention supports are therefore directly related to these three areas. Our staff works hard to provide the skills needed for students to be responsible, respectful, and safe school citizens here at Aspire and beyond.

    On a final personal note, I was lucky to have my oldest daughter attend Aspire, and she loved her time at AMS. It is my goal that your student loves their time here as well. As a father of three, I take the educational process of your student as seriously as I take my own children’s education. The staff at Aspire is therefore here to serve your family as we would our own.

    And with that, I welcome you, once again, to Aspire Performing Arts Academy. 

    Mike Suhling