• Online Schedule

    Important notes:

    • UPDATE 4-14-20: Designated lunch period has been adjusted to allow for better coordination with lunch distribution schedules at NTPS sites.
    • Designed to avoid conflicts among any synchronous, or “real time” live teaching presentations, meetings or activities.
    • Provides specific times for students or families to check in with teachers or other school staff.
    • Activities and/or assignments may be assigned, completed and/or returned outside of this schedule. Please email the specific teacher with questions or concerns.
    • Other high school administrative and support staff individuals are also available during these times. Please see the NTHS website for staff contact information.

    Learning Resources:

    Key Distance Learning Terms:

    • Synchronous Learning: When students and teachers participate in an online learning course, session or lesson at the same time but in different locations. Synchronous learning allows learners to interact with the instructor and other participants in real time. This is done through software (chat, Canvas, Google Meet, etc.) that creates a virtual classroom.
    • Asynchronous Learning: When students and teachers follow as schedule the same online learning course, session or lesson in which they interact at different times. Asynchronous learning allows students to go through a course, session or lesson at their own pace, while generally adhering to an overall framework of due dates and/or expectations for asynchronous interactions via tools like discussion boards.