Grant Sears, Orchestra

  • Grant Sears
    Room: #140 - Orchestra Room
    (360) 412-4800

    Welcome back to the start of Fall 2020 and Remote Continuous Learning 2.0.   

    A couple of things to remember: 

    1)  Let's adopt the attitude that we are all going to take this seriously and will do the very best that we can.   

    2) Students will need to take on more responsibility in high school. I can't do it all for you, neither can mom or dad. We need your help.   

    3)  Even when things get really frustrating, don't give up! Take a break, and then come back and try again.   

    I wish you all the best of luck this year. Take care and we will see you soon.

Reminders for Orchestra Students & Parents

  • Dear Parents and students,

    This Fall is going to be a continuation of online learning.   It's got to be better though.   Students will need to take school more seriously this Fall than last Spring.    Attendance will be taken and much more accountability will be needed.   In the old system as well as the new, grades will be important and will be what you make of them.   All assignments will go through Canvas.     We will also be using "google meet" for our regular class periods.   A new program that we will be trying out this year is called "Sight Reading Factory".    More on that later but go ahead and check it out.    It is not expensive.   When all else fails, go pick up your fiddle and play something fun!

    Through all of these changes, let's keep our eye on the ball.    The most important thing for you is to stay healthy and remember you have a responsibility for your own learning and education.   Above all, don't be afraid to ask questions.

    Student Responsibilities:

    1.  Come to class ontime!   Turn mics off and cameras on.

    2.  Check e-mails and "Canvas" several times each day.

    3.  Be familiar with google "meet" so you can be participating in class.

    4.  Make sure you have the ability to tune your own instrument, practice this. -  (tuning App with metronome  - I use an app called soundcorset)

    5.  Don't forget to gmail me with any questions that you may have.

    6.  You should be practicing your instrument 30 minutes each and every day, or more. 


Professional Biography

  • I am in my 36th year of teaching, 35 of which have been in the North Thurston Public Schools. I presently teach orchestra at North Thurston High School, South Bay, and Pleasant Glade schools. I have a bachelor of Music from Washington State University (Yes I'm a Coug!) and a Master of Arts in Music from Pacific Lutheran University. I absolutely love teaching orchestra and strive to instill a love and commitment for playing a stringed instrument throughout a student's life. I do this by modeling excellence through positive energy, commitment toward my students, and dedication to the craft of teaching. My lovely wife, Cheryl, is a 4th grade teacher at Evergreen Forest elementary.  She is an amazing person and is always an inspiration to me.    I also have 2 beautiful grown daughters, Jessica and Christine, who are equally amazing people.    
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