Grant Sears, Orchestra

  • Grant Sears
    Room: #140 - Orchestra Room
    (360) 412-4800

    Please carefully read and understand the operations of the NTHS orchestra by downloading the orchestra handbook available on this website. Also, please take a look at the Performance Calendar, this has important information for all musicians on performance dates throughout the school year.

    Finally, please know that I am here to help your child in any way that I can.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all. The best way to contact me is through my school email address.

Reminders for Orchestra Students & Parents

    1. Bring your instrument and a combination lock to school on the first day.   I will assign you a locker for your instrument.
    2. Make sure your instrument and case are in good working order.  IE - New strings, bow rehair,shoulder pad,  fine tuners, rosin, and pencil. 
    3. Start practicing again.   There will most likely be a quiz at the end of the first week.
    4. Please read and understand the orchestra handbook on this site.  Print the Parent and Student signature form and turn in to Mr. Sears by Friday September 6th.
    5. Work hard, pay attention, turn in all of your assignments and you'll do very well.
    6. All cell phones are to be turned off and kept out of site. 

Professional Biography

  • I am in my 35th year of teaching, 34 of which have been in the North Thurston Public Schools. I presently teach orchestra at North Thurston High School, South Bay, and Pleasant Glade schools. I have a bachelor of Music from Washington State University (Yes I'm a Coug!) and a Master of Arts in Music from Pacific Lutheran University. I absolutely love teaching orchestra and strive to instill a love and commitment for playing a stringed instrument throughout a student's life. I do this by modeling excellence through positive energy, commitment toward my students, and dedication to the craft of teaching. My lovely wife, Cheryl, is a 4th grade teacher at Evergreen Forest elementary.  She is an amazing person and is always an inspiration to me.    I also have 2 beautiful grown daughters, Jessica and Christine, who are equally amazing people.    


    • 7:30am - NTHS, Symphonic Strings
    • 8:29am - NTHS, String Orchestra
    • 9:33am - NTHS, Camerata
    • 11:30am - Pleasant Glade Elementary Strings
    • 12:50pm - South Bay Elementary Strings
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