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  • Room: #140 - Orchestra Room
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     Wow, the year has gone by quickly!   The orchestra has been busy these past few weeks and months.   We just finished a terrific Spring concert on May 22nd.    We had all three of our orchestras perform and I'm so proud of all of my students!    A big thank you to our 20 graduating orchestra seniors.   This has been a very dedicated group and a huge part of our success over the past four years.    I am proud of them and I wish them well as they move on to their next challenges in life. 

    We have several upcoming events this Spring:

    May 31  -   Masquerade  -  A special event/social for all of our music students... they get to learn how to waltz!

    June 1  -   Annual NTHS talent show sponsored by the orchestra at 7pm in the KCPA

    June 3  -  Orchestra Banquet from 5:30  -  7pm in the NTHS commons 

    June 11  -  NTHS graduation at 7pm in the St. Martin's Pavilion.    The full orchestra performs at this event every year.

    June  19  -  Last day of school for students!


    Finally, I would like to say thank you to our orchestra parents for all of your continued support of your child in orchestra at NTHS.   We would not have the program that we do without your amazing support and dedication as well.    It has been my pleasure serving this community as a teacher here at North Thurston High School.   I look forward to many more years of continued success.


     Grant Sears, NTHS orchestra teacher




Reminders for Orchestra Students & Parents

    1. Bring your instrument and a combination lock to school on the first day.   I will assign you a locker for your instrument.
    2. Make sure your instrument and case are in good working order.  IE - New strings, bow rehair, fine tuners, rosin, and pencil. 
    3. Start practicing again.   There will most likely be a quiz at the end of the first week.
    4. Please read and understand the orchestra handbook on this site.  Print the Parent and Student signature form and turn in to Mr. Sears by Friday September 7th.
    5. Work hard, pay attention, turn in all of your assignments and you'll do very well.
    6. All cell phones are to be turned off and kept out of site. 

Professional Biography

  • I am in my 34th year of teaching, 33 of which have been in the North Thurston Public Schools. I presently teach orchestra at North Thurston High School, South Bay, and Pleasant Glade schools.  I have a bachelor of Music from Washington State University and a Master of Arts in Music from Pacific Lutheran University. I absolutely love teaching orchestra and strive to instill a love and committment for playing a stringed instrument throughout a student's life.     I do this by modeling excellence through positive energy, commitment toward my students, and dedication to the craft of teaching. 


    • 7:30am  -  NTHS, Symphonic Strings
    • 8:29am  -  NTHS, String Orchestra
    • 9:33am   - NTHS, Camerata
    • 11:30am - Pleasant Glade Elementary Strings
    • 12:50pm  - South Bay Elementary Strings
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