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    Yearbook Advisor: Lori Borseth

    FOR ALL QUESTIONS REGARDING THE YEARBOOK: nthsyearbook@stu.nthurston.k12.wa.us

    PLEASE DO NOT CALL - Send an email and allow up to 48 hours to hear back from us.

    Instagram: nthsyearbook.rams - Follow us to learn what we are up to and what we'd like to receive from you!


    Seniors Distribution Dates:
    June 4th evening: During the Seniors' Banquet
    June 5th: During both lunches

    School-Wide Distribution Event: 
    We are excited to announcing a special event for the entire school. For the second year we are hosting a school-wide fun distribution event for all students!

    June 6th: During both lunches, outside by the gym
    There will be games, prizes, yearbook signing stations, and more!

    General Distribution:

    June 12th - 14th: Yearbook distribution will resume for all students.

    2023/24 SALES - LAST DAY TO PURCHASE: 6/11


    sales open



    For legal name changes to be reflected in the yearbook, the yearbook staff needs to be informed of the change by the office by November 21st.

    All legal name changes must be done through the office.

    Preferred names are also accepted. Please, contact the yearbook staff (nthsyearbook@stu.nthurston.k12.wa.us), by 11.21.2023.


    For grades 9th - 11th, students who do not take pictures on the given dates (summer or when school started or retake day - to those who purchased), will be placed on the "Not Pictured" list. To maintain the book's coherence and fairness to all students, we adhere to a policy of not accepting personal portrait photos. Thank you for understanding.


    Endea Graduation Shiny Cap & Tassel (Purple, 2024), Adult Unisex
    Deadline for Senior Photo and Quote:
    Friday, December 11th (Check the Requirements in the Seniors Area)
    Deadline for Senior Ads:
    Wednesday, January 31st
    For more SENIOR info: click here