Welcome to Ignite Family Academy!

  • Orange & Red Dragon and Ignite Dragons textWelcome to Ignite Family Academy!

    We opened in 2021 and provide in-person classes and collaborate with families on their at-home learning.


Unique things we do at Ignite

    • Teachers collaborate with NTPS families on their at-home learning.
    • In-person classes are offered and taught by qualified NTPS teachers.
    • Learning is customized to meet families' needs
    • Family Advisory Board: these monthly meetings will provide parents an opportunity to discuss and plan for clubs and field experiences for students
    • Clubs: clubs will be organized that correspond with student interest, tapping into the knowledge of our families & staff to help assist and lead them
    • Events: we offer events throughout the year that provide positive school connections

Current Goals

  • Academic Gap Goal

    • As a new Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) program at NTPS, we are starting our year with limited academic data. As a school staff, we will monitor each student throughout the year, while working closely with the student and parent(s), to ensure they are making proficient progress with standards utilizing individual Written Student Learning Plans (WSLP).

    Behavior Gap Goals

    • As a new Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) program at NTPS, we are starting our year with no data. However, what we know is that our students have either been homeschooling for several years (or their entire school career) or are coming to us because their parent(s) have decided to homeschool due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our families are looking for opportunities at Ignite for their children to engage with the school community.

    Download the whole School Improvement Plan >> (PDF) Updated spring 2022

Community Involvement

  • At Ignite, the strong support of our families is how the school operates! Volunteering opportunities are being formed but may include mentoring, forming & running a club, participation in events and field experiences, and more.

Mission Statement

  • The mission of Ignite Family Academy is to provide innovative and hands-on learning experiences that encourage students to question and explore the world around them. We partner with our families to educate, inspire, and empower our students to be leaders, and lifelong learners.

Building History

  • Ignite Family Academy

    We are located in the Bower Learning Center, at 4111 6th Ave NE, Lacey which was constructed in 1971 and was originally the North Thurston High School library, salvaged from the campus when it was fully demolished in 1983. It served as a community meeting space and office space and eventually used as professional development space until 2021 when it was remodeled into a school environment for the launch of Ignite Family Academy.

    The building is named after Frank Bower, the first Principal at North Thurston High School.