•  Please document your hours on the following form:  Community Involvement Documentation
    If you need ideas on where to complete your hours, please consult the Together! resource guide (PDF).   
    If you have any questions regarding these requirement, you can email ioliver@nthurston.k12.wa.us for further information.
    There has been a recent name change to NTPS Culminating Project. Culminating Project will now be referred to as High School and Beyond Plan and remains a requirement for graduation.
    In addition, students will now have both their junior and senior year to complete the 20 Community Contact hours, and can begin earning hours starting the summer before their junior year.
    There are three requirements: A Portfolio, 20 Hours of Community Involvement, and a Presentation.
    The portfolio consists of a compilation of assignments completed during advisory. Students also need to collect best works completed their senior year. Students will be required to submit documentation to their advisors of best works in the areas of reading/writing, math, creative/artistic production and personal choice.
    The second element is community involvement. Students are required to complete a minimum of 20 community involvement hours and can begin to earn these hours starting the summer before their junior year. These hours can take the form of community service such as volunteering at a hospital, working with a service organization such as Boys and Girls Club, or career exploration through job shadowing or career exploration.
    • Per district guidelines, students can only use 10 hours related to a school service project. A staff member of NTHS can only verify school hours which cannot exceed 10 hours. For further explanation, review the document Community Involvement Documentation form which is available to download below.
    • Once you have completed your hours, document your hours on the Community Involvement Documentation form, have your community contact person complete and sign and turn in to room 201 (new building) or the counseling center within 90 days of completion of hours.  
    • Looking for ideas on where to complete your hours? Look for volunteer ideas from the Together! Resource Guide (PDF) or check out the NTHS Career Center Newsletter to identify additional volunteer opportunities.
    The third element is a presentation, which is fulfilled through the spring student-led conference (SLC).  All seniors need to schedule an SLC with their advisor.  Even if your parent cannot attend, you must complete an SLC in order to fulfill High School and Beyond.
    During the conference students will present their advisory portfolios, articulate their post high-school plan, and reflect on their community involvement.
    If you have further questions or would like more specific information, please feel free to contact North Thurston High School HSBP Coordinator, Iolanthe Oliver, at ioliver@nthurston.k12.wa.us.
    Need to access required documents for the senior portfolio?  See below: 
Last Modified on June 15, 2016