Ignite Instructional Model

  • Ignite Family Academy is an Alternative Learning Experience (ALE). ALE is public education where some or all of the instruction is delivered outside of a regular classroom setting and schedule. At Ignite, we provide in-person classes and collaboration with families in their at-home learning (on-site classes are not a requirement). Learning is monitored and assessed by a certificated teacher and planned in collaboration with the student and parent (Written Student Learning Plan – WSLP).

On-Site Classes

  • Ignite offers on-site classes in science, technology, engineering, art, math, and literacy for grades K-8

    About our classes:

    • Held two days per week on Mondays / Wednesdays and Tuesdays / Thursdays. Field trip excursions occur on select Fridays.
    • Most classes are 50 minutes in length.
    • Multi-grade, clustering students in grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8.

    First Semester Courses 2022-23

    See the full course descriptions


    Monday & Wednesday

    Tuesday & Thursday


    Grades K-2
    Grades 3-5
    Grades 6-8
    Grades K-2
    Grades 3-5
    Grades 6-8

    Office Hours,
    & Student
    for All Grades

    1st Block
    Level I
    Middle School
    Primary Science: 
    Weather, Land,
    & Space

    Elementary Science: Energy

     Animation &
    Movie Making
    2nd Block
    Primary Art
    Middle School Art Primary PE Elementary Art Masters Design & Build
    Lunch & Office Hours
    All Grades & All Days
    3rd Block
    1:00-1:50 pm
     Reading &
    Math Centers

    Elementary Science:
    Plant & Animal

    Prime Robotics
    Level 2

    Primary Art
    Washington State History:
    7th & 8th grades

    Science: Natural Disasters & Catastrophes

    4th Block
    Primary Science: 
    Weather, Land,
    & Space
    Elementary Art Social Skills Elementary
    Math Games

Family Requirements

  • Time Commitments

    As a public school program, we have two major requirements regarding time:

    • We are required to develop a written student learning plan (WSLP) that includes estimated weekly hours of learning. The WSLP is a flexible document that can be adjusted to reflect your child’s learning.  
    • Students and families must make weekly contact with our staff and hold a monthly progress review with a teacher advisor.
      • Weekly contact is a requirement by the state to ensure the family partnership program is maintaining contact with families and claiming funding for actively enrolled students. 
      • Monthly progress reviews are an opportunity for the families to share what they have been working on, discuss ideas with their teacher advisor and receive support, if needed. The review is a chance for us to make adjustments to the WSLP. 

    Neither the weekly check-ins nor the monthly progress reviews are times where we question, judge or look for check boxes to be filled.  Rather, it is a time to reflect, share and honor the hard work you are doing and make any adjustments to the plan as needed/wanted. We prefer that most of these occur in person, but other arrangements can be made if/when necessary.

    On-Site Commitments

    A parent, adult guardian, or designee must be on-site with each elementary student (K-5) during their Ignite classes. We realize this is not always possible for families. Please contact the school if you need to have someone other than the parent or guardian be on site. We will work with families on a case-by-case basis.